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  1. (a+b)² = a² + 2ab + b²
  2. (a-b)² = a² – 2ab + b²
  3. a² + b² = (a-b)² +2ab
  4. (a+b+c)² = a²+b²+c²+2ab+2ac+2bc
  5. (a-b-c)² = a²+b²+c²-2ab-2ac+2bc
  6. a³-b³ = (a-b) (a² + ab + b²)
  7. a³+b³ = (a+b) (a² – ab + b²)
  8. (a+b)³ = a³+ 3a²b + 3ab² + b³
  9. (a-b)³ = a³- 3a²b + 3ab² – b³
  10. “n” is a natural number, an – bn = (a-b) (an-1 + an-2b +….bn-2a + bn-1)
  11. “n” is a even number, an + bn = (a+b) (an-1 – an-2b +….+ bn-2a – bn-1)
  12. “n” is an odd number an + bn = (a-b) (an-1 – an-2b +…. – bn-2a + bn-1)
  13. (am)(an) = am+n (ab)m = amn

Solved Examples

Q: Find the value of 17² – 4²

Ans: Now these are simple numbers, so we can calculate the answer. But the correct method is to apply the formula,

a² – b² = (a-b)(a+b)

17² – 4² = (17-4)(17+4) = 13 × 21 = 273

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